AMEBIX “Knights Of The Black Sun”


Videoclip created by Andy (Leffer) Lefton and directed by Fin McAteer.

“Knights Of The Black Sun” is included on AMEBIX’ s album “Sonic Mass” released through Easy Action Records and Profane Existence.


Desperation took us down
Uneasy lies, the head
That wears the crown
You can’t see it

I saw the mourners passing by
These wicked men
Beneath the sulfurous skies
Oh what can it mean?

Every bell is silent here
The hands of clocks are bound
And time itself has stopped
Can you feel it?

The birds are frozen in their flight
Trapped within the thunder light

A storm is rising
A voice within the winter halls
Some great secret from these careless lips will fall

A star on our horizon
See you gods forgotten son
Lies broken and alone
Searching for a father,he has never known….

From Dresden’s blazing skies
To the bloody wash of dawn
I saw the beast arise
And climb upon the throne

And fallen angels weep
And long for peace, for home
Whilst far beneath the ice they sleep
These dark knights of the black sun

And on the stormlashed mountain high
I found the hidden book
On the altar of the wretched prince of lies

And I broke apart the graven seal
And these seven words I read
Rejoice, the great god fear is dead

So from the rooftops call it out
You where always free
Yes from the rooftops call it out
And ever may you be

Line Up:

  • Ron “The Baron” Miller: Bass & Vocals
  • Chis “Stig” Miller: Guitar & Vocals
  • Roy Mayorga: Drums


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2 pensamientos en “AMEBIX “Knights Of The Black Sun”

  1. la metáfora guerrera ya es demasiado recurrente, no?
    por lo demás: thumbs up!


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